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Recycling/Garbage Information

Glass BottlesReduce it....Reuse it....Recycle it

Reliable Sanitation provides a recycling program. We pick up all recyclables co-mingled.

Meaning all collections go in the same truck.

Then taken to a facility that separates the items for us.

We applaud your efforts and concern for our environment.

Below are the guidelines you need to follow

Corrugated cardboard boxes:
Please cut up and flatten all boxes (Newspaper , mixed paper, junk mail inserts, cereal boxes)

We accept all glass. Please rinse and clean all glass. Remove all tops. (Aluminum drink cans Tin cans)

Plastic bottles, milk cartons, and small plastic containers need to be cleaned out, but tops and labels can remain on them.

All plastic, aluminum and glass must be rinsed out thoroughly to avoid items contamination.

Please remove all lids from plastic, glass, and metal items.

Recyclable items must be placed inside the recycle cart.

Household Garbage

The 95-gallon cart is for your household garbage. This garbage will be emptied once weekly.

Household garbage includes any waste generated on a daily basis. This excludes vehicle parts, hazardous waste, liquid paint, motor oil or other unacceptable materials.

All waste should be placed in the cart.

It is very important to have your container at the curb the night before your pick up day.

Cart placement

Helpful hints:

Black ContainerCarts should be rinsed out periodically to help maintain sanitary conditions.

For sanitary reasons, use a plastic bag for all trash.

If you have styrofoam packing material, known as "peanuts" or any light items for example plastic grocery bags which could easily blow away, please secure these types of items in a bag before placing in the cart so the material will not blow out and litter the streets and neighborhoods.

Please do not throw away any cans with liquid paint in them.

No motor oil or car batteries are to be placed in the cart.

Please do not put hot ashes or coals in the container as it could cause the container or garbage truck to catch on fire.

2015 Recycling Weeks

Week of Jan 5th & 19th

Week of 2nd & 16th

Week of 2nd, 16th & 30th

Week of 13th & 27th
Week of 11th & 25th

Week of 8th & 22nd

Week of 6th & 20rd

Week of 3rd, 17th & 31st

Week of 14th & 28th

Week of 12th & 26th &

Week of 9th & 23th

Week of 7th& 21st

2015 Holiday Schedule

New Year's Day- January 1st
Regular Schedule

Memorial Day- May 25th
If Your Pickup Day is:
Monday-collection will be on Tuesday
Tuesday-collection will be on Wednesday
Wednesday-collection will be on Thursday
Thurday-collection will be on Friday

Labor Day-September 7th
If Your Pickup Day is:
Monday-collection will be on Tuesday
Tuesday-collection will be on Wednesday
Wednesday-collection will be on Thursday
Thursday-collection will be on Friday

Thanksgiving Day- November 26th
If Your Pickup Day is:
Thursday-collection will be on Friday

Christmas Day- December 25th
Regular Schedule-All Week