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Reduce it....Reuse it....Recycle it!


Reliable Sanitation provides a recycling program. We pick up all recyclables co-mingled - meaning all collections go in the same truck then taken to a facility that separates the items for us.


We applaud your efforts and concern for our environment.


Below are the guidelines you need to follow:


Corrugated cardboard boxes:

Please cut up and flatten all boxes (Newspaper , mixed paper, junk mail inserts, cereal boxes)



We accept all glass bottles. Please rinse and clean all glass. Remove all tops. (Aluminum drink cans, Tin cans)



Plastic bottles, milk cartons, and small plastic containers need to be cleaned out, but tops and labels can remain on them.


All plastic, aluminum and glass must be rinsed out thoroughly to avoid items contamination.


Please remove all lids from plastic, glass, and metal items.


Recyclable items must be placed inside the recycle cart.

Recycling Services

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Kleenex Tissue

Clothes Hangars

Metal Binder Clips

Cellophane and Shrink Wrap


Self Carbonized Paper

Bubble Wrap and Peanut Packaging

Adhesive Labels

Sticky Tape

Typewriter Ribbons

Meat Trays

Paper Towels

Drink Cups

Paper back books (glue in the binding)

Food Scraps and Wrappers

Plastic Grocery Bags

Rubber Hoses

Hard Bound Books (glue in binding)

Boil-in-Bag Pouches

Soiled Pizza Boxes

Trash Bags

Bread Bags

Phone Books (glue in binding)


Styrofoam egg cartons

CDs or CD cases

Rubber Tires



Juice Boxes

Drawing Paper

Writing Paper

Post It Notes



Envelopes- Non Windowed

Unwaxed Cardboard

Milk Jugs

Milk Cartons

Detergent Bottles

Plastic Beverage Bottles

Yogurt, Margarine or Cottage Cheese Containers

Tin Cans

Aluminum Cans

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