Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What time should I place my garbage and recycling containers out for curbside pickup?

A – While pickup times may vary, please place your garbage and/or recycling bins curbside the night before your scheduled pickup. Please be sure to bag all trash.

Q - What should I do if my pick-up is missed due to weather/poor road conditions?

A – Reliable operates in most conditions, even during most inclement weather. However, if services are delayed for any reason (snow is the most likely event), customers will be updated via email. Services will resume as soon as secondary and rural road conditions allow.

Q – What holidays impact my pick-up day?

A – Please see the Holiday Schedule here for the detailed impact of various holidays on your pickup day. The following holidays may impact your pickup day: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All other holidays will NOT impact our pickup schedule. In the event one of these holidays falls on or before your pickup day in that week, we will pick you up a day later than usual.

Q - Are there any restrictions as to what I can put in my garbage container?

A - Some of the items not allowed in your garbage are: construction materials, hazardous waste, medical waste, tires, batteries, paint, appliances, and yard waste.

Q - Are there any restrictions as to what I can put in my recycling container?

A – Please click here for more details regarding the recycling policies of the independent recycling center we use.

Q – What if I need to dispose of large or bulky items (couch, mattress, table, etc)?

A – While Reliable doesn’t have a formal service for large items, we try to help our customers as much as possible in the form of special pick-ups on the weekends, time permitting. Please contact us to arrange such pick-ups. Additional fees will apply.

Q – What do I do with yard waste?

A – Reliable does not currently provide a recurring yard waste removal service. For more information, please visit https://www.wakegov.com/departments-government/waste-recycling/wake-county-solid-waste-and-recycling-resources to find a yard waste removal service or yard disposal facilities in your area.

Q - I would like to pay my bill using the Trash Billing system located on your website. Are there any fees that will be added to the transaction?

A - To cover merchant-processing costs, a surcharge of 3% per transaction, will apply to credit/debit card purchases.